Received report from the Office of the County Executive, Office of the Sheriff, Custody Health Services, and Facilities and Fleet Department relating to the updated status of jail reform efforts.

Department:    Office of the County Executive    
Category:    Report

This semiannual report provides a status on jail reforms. Attached to this item are the presentation materials and updates for the Board’s information from Sheriff’s Office/Department of Correction, Health System/Custody Health Services, Facilities and Fleet Department, and the Office of the County Executive. 

  • Summarized Recommendations in Process (Completed Summarized Recommendations have been removed for ease of reading, but remain available on the Jail Reforms website)
  • Presentation from County departments on progress that has been made since the Board’s last jail reforms study session on September 1, 2020 (Item No. 11). 
  • Capital Projects related to Jail Reforms
  • Status of Jail Reforms Referrals


Board Study Sessions on Jail Reforms


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