Received report relating to the Community Awaiting Placement Supervision (CAPS) Program.

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The Community Awaiting Placement Supervision (CAPS) process allows faster release from custody for clients ordered to treatment through the Superior Court. The multidisciplinary CAPS team consists of a collaboration of criminal justice and human service stakeholders in Santa Clara County. The team includes the Adult Probation Department, Pretrial Services, Office of Reentry Services (ORS), Behavioral Health Services (BHSD), Custody Health, and Office of Supportive Housing (OSH). The team works in conjunction with the Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, the Office of the Sheriff/Department of Correction, State Parole, and treatment providers to facilitate the release of individuals on the Jail Assessment Coordinator (JAC) List. Once a CAPS client is released, the CAPS Team provides appropriate community supervision until treatment services become available.


Board Study Sessions on Jail Reforms


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