Received Management Audit of the Implementation of Custody Improvement Recommendations.

Department:    Board of Supervisors Management Audit Division    
Category:    Report

Following the murder of a County inmate by correctional officers, the Board of Supervisors established a Blue Ribbon Commission to make recommendations for reform. The Commission and associated parties made more than 600 recommendations. In 2017, the Management Audit Division was tasked with verifying the implementation of every one of these recommendations over a period of years. While our effort was underway, the County administration developed 80 “summarized recommendations” intended to capture the essence of the more than 600 individual items. The administration advised the Management Audit Division that it should only review the 80 items; the Board of Supervisors then reiterated its expectation that auditors would assess the status of all recommendations. As a result of lack of cooperation from the Sheriff’s Office and most of the other departments involved in the implementation of the recommendations, the Management Audit Division was unsuccessful, as documented in our October 2019 report. When the report went to the Finance and Government Operations Committee in November, 2020, the administration proposed that the assessment of the status of the recommendations be limited to the 80 “summarized recommendations” and be conducted by the Office of Correction and Law Enforcement Monitoring (OCLEM).


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