Over the course of the past year, a great deal of focus has been placed on Santa Clara County’s Correctional system. Making an appreciable impact on the custody and health systems within the jails will take months, and a full remedy to this crisis may take years.  This webpage contains the County’s many jail reform efforts and will be continually updated with new documents, reports, and information as a result of fast-paced incremental work and phased addition of resources dedicated to these important efforts

Summarized recommendations were created to group like recommendations and are updated to reflect any new information on implementation of all of the jail reform recommendations.  As such, the Jail Reform Matrix will no longer be updated and any updated status and budget changes will be reflected in Summarized Recommendations.

Date Category Title
Recent Board Actions Receive report relating to the implementation efforts on placements for High-Needs Women leaving the County jails.
Recent Board Actions Received quarterly report relating to an inventory and evaluation of parenting programs and contact visitation in the jails at Elmwood Correctional Complex, Main Jail Complex, and Reentry Resource Center.
Recent Board Actions Approved Agreement with OIR Group relating to providing Office of Correction and Law Enforcement Monitoring (OCLEM) services.
Recent Board Actions Approved First Amendments to Memorandums of Understanding with Health Management Associates, Inc., relating to the California Medication Assisted Treatment Expansion Project to enhance medication assisted treatment of opioid addiction in County jails.
Recent Board Actions Approved referrals to Administration relating to Custody Health Services staffing and medical care standards in County jails.
Off-Agenda Reports Off-Agenda Report from the Sheriff's Office relating to contact visitation within the jails.
Recent Board Actions Adoption of Ordinance No. NS-300.939 amending Section A20-38.1 of Chapter III of Division A20 of the Santa Clara County Ordinance Code relating to the Operation of County Jails.
Recent Board Actions Approved Grant Agreement with the Board of State and Community Corrections relating to providing grant funding for Proposition 47 Grant Program for mental health services, substance use disorders treatment, and diversion programs.
Recent Board Actions Approved Amendments to Agreements with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County and Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy relating to providing religious services in the jails.
Off-Agenda Reports Off-Agenda Report from the Sheriff's office relating to Individualized Education Program in custody.

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