Summarized Recommendations by Categories

In order to make the most productive use of the public discussion for jail reform efforts, the jail matrix recommendations have been grouped into larger Summarized Recommendations. Each Summarized Recommendation contains:

  • Summarized Recommendation
  • Action Steps Taken
  • Budget Status
  • Source(s) of the Recommendations
  • Responsible Department(s)
  • Master Jail Reform List Numbers
  • Date Reviewed by FGOC and the Board

The purpose of these summarized recommendations is to create an efficient and easily understood format that will result in a fully documented review process. The benefit of this approach is to tie the summary to the entity that made the recommendation and the master list ID number, as well as reduce duplicative recommendations. Updates are indicated in red.

For example, one recommendation states “Cell doors- grouted with minimal exposed edges”. This is included in the summarized recommendation “Modify doors and windows of designated suicide-resistant cells to increase visibility for staff, sunlight for the inmates, and minimize protrusions that could be used to commit suicide”. The specific recommendation can still be implemented in the designated suicide-resistant cells, but for public discussion purposes, it is included in the broader summarized recommendation.​​


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